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Human rights or environmental risks/violations (internal compliance officer)
This refers to violations of the provisions of the LkSG, both in Jaeger Zentrale Dienste GmbH + Co. KG's business area and in the supply chain.
Examples include:
  • Child labour,
  • slavery, slavery-like practices and forced labour,
  • Violations of labour protection standards and minimum wage requirements,
  • Violations of the prohibition on disregarding freedom of association, 
  • Violations of the prohibition of unequal treatment in employment, e.g. on the basis of national/ethnic origin, social origin, sexual orientation or religion,
  • Violations of the ban on unlawful eviction,
  • Violations of the ban on the use of mercury in manufacturing processes, 
  • Violations of the ban on the export of hazardous waste. 

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